Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here is a really good idea for your toenails!

Buy a regular toenail polish that you like( I would recomend a brighter color nothing like brown, tan, or light blue).Next buy a bottle of black, white, and sparkly, nail polish with a very small brush on the end (you can find these at Walgreens).
Put at least 3 layers of nail polish if you want it to stay on longer, and after that put on a a layer of clear (if you don't have any clear thats okay).
let that dry and then you can do any design you want!
This is so cool that I've even had someone ask me if I had a Pedicure!

Lindsay feet in the Black and White, with white design, Leah in the pink with the black white and sparkly design, Me in the green and black with the black design, and Sophia in the pink with the white and sparklydesign. Hannah was to much of a barn girl to do hers!


Abagayle M. said...

Hey Callie!!! :) I LOVE your blog! It's so cute and I'm a follower now! I awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award, you can go and get it at my blog: There is a post that I have with the title "Thanks for the award, Elizabeth!!!" and then you can follow the directions on the post and get the picture by saving it into your pictures and then posting it on your blog!!!!! Love you, you Beautiful Blogger! hehe

carlotta said...

Hey Callie! I think we met once...We're good friends of the Hintzes. You have such a cute blog! :)

Callie said...

Hey Abagayle! ThanksFor the award! I will try to do exactly what you said (if I even can)! LOL Thanks agian!

Callie said...

Yes! I do remeber meeting you at Samuel's Memorial day. How are you, Jeremiah, MeMe, and Lilly? Thanks!

carlotta said...

Callie - You have a great memory, girl! They're all doing wonderfully...thanks for asking :)