Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hintzs!

We had a great weekend with the Hintzs!  We had a few sleepovers, watched a couple movies, and sat by a bonfire.  I am so blessed to have such amazing cousins such as the Hintzs.  Louis is so kind to everyone, very silly, and loves to laugh.  Caleb is a total jokester, he is so funny, and always comes up with funny things to say.  Anna loves to play with Sophia whenever she has the chance and loves her little sister, Hope.  Jojo is a  funny, silly, and a goofy boy.  He loves playing funny games and telling hilarious jokes.  Hope is just plain sweet! I love my cousins so much and can't wait for there next visit. Here are some pics. of their stay here!
Lindsay, Louis, and Smore

Jojo, and Grace (neighbor and cousin)

Anna, Lindsay, Louis, and Ella (Grace's older sister)

Jojo & Ella

Lindsay, Louis, and Caleb

Caleb & I

Sophia & Anna


carlotta said...

I love them too! Even though they're not my cousins...but it feels like they are ;)

Callie said...

I know how you would feel! But you know what? I bet they feel like your there cousin too Carlotta!


Anonymous said...

Hi Callie,

This is Emily, your penpal from Tallahassee, FL. Just wanted to let you know that I just got your letter today and I was so excited to read it. I love the photos of your family and all the animals. The puppies are so CUTE. Anyway, I will be writing you so. Take care and have a wonderful vacation.

Callie said...

Hey Emily!

I'm soooooooo glad you got my letter! its really good to hear from you! Thanks I'm glad you like my blog! You too! Can't wait for your letter!

~Callie Ann