Friday, May 21, 2010


My sister Hannah has half a dog that is hers and she just had puppies!!!! They are soooo cute so I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of them! The dogs breed is a rhodesian ridgeback! She had 2 puppies and there is 1 boy and 1 girl!

Leah and Hannah

Rosie, the mom


carlotta said...

Oh my gosh...How cute are they?! :)

Callie said...

adorable, I know!

Drummer Girl said...

oh, they're sooo cute!!<3<3
My family thinks our dog is preagnant too, :):)

Callie said...

Really! That is soooooooooo cool Josey! What kind of dog is she?

Anonymous said...

Those are one of the cutest puppies I've seen!!

Sarah said...

Oh, soooooooo cute!!

Callie said...

Thanks for the comments, Hazel Anne P. and Sarah! They are a lot bigger since I've posted this, but aren't they just adorable!

Anonymous said...

oh sorry callie,(for not answering sooner)And she is a daug, pug and doxi, mixed
but actually we're pretty sure she was preagnant but the puppiedied:'(
It was sad:(
<3 Josey