Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cute Shoes

Here is a really good idea for a summer craft! These are the directions:

Buy one COLORED pair of flip flops and make sure there comfy and your size!

Next buy one bag of water balloons!

Next you will double knot the water balloons to you shoes (I think it would be smarter if you didn't have any water actually in them!

And there! You've got it! Mt favorite part about this craft is that it includes NO glue, tape, paint, ect. Hope you can all share this on your own blog!


Drummer Girl said...

this is a wonderful idea:)
I love it<3 I want to try this sometime soon:):)

Callie said...

Thanks Josey! I haven't actually made them yet, but my friends at church made them and told me all about how tomake them! Simple huh?