Monday, June 28, 2010

Give away

Hello everyone! I just wanted to tell you some information. Carlotta is giving away a free pair of earings! If you would like to try to win them go to:! You could be the winner! Here is a picture of the earings!

Aren't they just gorgeous?

Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey Guys! I was wondering how to make a vlog? If any of you guys know, that would be great! I'd like to start leaving more than just pictures! I know any post without a picture is boring so I decided to leave you a picture of nonsense! LOL! Enjoy! Just incase you can't tell....I drew this! LOLA (laugh out loud again)! If you can't read it it says....Smile Jesus Loves You!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The RV!

I wanted to show you guys something very hysterical! Yesterday it was my mom s birthday so we went down town to see the blue angles...they were amazing of course, but this is the funny part........we used are RV and when the show started we all sat on top of it along with my grandparents! A lot of people told us it was a great idea! it was SO funny! Afterwards we went to a restaurant called Buca's! it was really good, and guess what? My mom got a free ice cream because it was her birthday!
It was a awesome beginning to our weekend!

Well, thats all folks! We look pretty silly huh?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Colorado swimming . . .Waaayyyyyyy too hot!

I wanted to show you guys some really cool pictures of me, Lindsay, and Sophia! We were in Colorado Swimming and my dad started taking pictures of us! I'm plugging my nose in almost every single one! LOL

This is a picture of me! Did you know that everone looks like that uder water? Weird huh?

Me, and Lindsay

Highschool Musical Jump!!!!! This one is my fav.

See, I'm plugging my nose

Weeeeeeeeeeee . . . .My nose

Look at our faces . . .LOL

I am plugging my nose . . .I really am a chicken

Lindsay, Me, and Sophia!

Hope you liked the pictures!!!!!! The water was really hot . . . .not even refreshing! It makes it all the worse when its 90 degrees outside!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I wanted you guys to know a little more about me so I will post 15 things about me!

1. I play the drums and have my own drum set.
2. I love to  climb trees to the very tippy top!
3.I have 4 sisters and no brothers.
4.I remain faithful to the god who can turn you into a pillar of salt.
5.I love to do e-mail (but don't worry, I'm not a freak about it)!
6. I enjoy times with my family and going up to our cabin with them.
7. I like to collect coins from different countries (I have coins all the way from China)!
8. I adore any kind of earring!
9. If I could have 1 things in the world for free, it would be some bongos!
10.I go to a barn every Thur. and Sat.
11.I've written my own comics before and failed.
12.I've knitted at least 5 hats!
13. I am almost done making a pair of PJ's on our sewing machine.
14. I love top go exploring on islands of all sorts!
15. And last but not least . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I LOVE MY BLOG!

Those are my fifteen things about me and if you want to now more about whats floating around in my silly mind, feel free to ask! Thanks for always commenting and taking time to read what I have to say!