Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a very busy week

This is a extremely funny picture that Leah took of Hannah, Mom, Me, Sophia, and Lindsay. We were just about to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant when Leah decided to take some pictures. Leah told us "All make a really cheesy smile." We all did what she said, of course, and this is how our picture turned out..

Hysterical huh? I laugh every time! These are some
more pictures of me that Leah took in the park.

This is a brick wall in Oconomowoc!

This is me on a bridge that's VERY close to the water!

This is the same bridge same time. Funny what how your camera
changes the color so much when ever you take it from a different view.

We've had a lot of flooding around here so
this bench was surrounded by water. Can you tell?
This picture, I think, is my favorite.

I like this one too. The fence gives an interesting
look to the picture! A guy was fishing for fish (Well, Duh) in
that river. But not with worms, or Minos, but...CORN!
Is that not the weirdest thing you have ever heard?

This was a picture taken at the Milwaukee Public Museum.
I am standing in front of a stain glass door if you can't tell.

And last but not least a great big lake!
                                                  This one is probably my second favorite!

My Dad had a bunch of stuff that we get to do every summer for his work. His office actually rents the zoo so  we get free everything for a night! You know all those food stands? All that stuff is free! We also got to go to a Keith Urban concert!!!!!! I can't believe I actually got to see him! He was really good, of course, and we all enjoyed ourselves a lot. The morning we got to go to the zoo for free we also ran a 5K. I'm so proud of myself for not breaking down in the middle of it! On the car ride to the zoo my legs started to kill! Hope everyone had just as good of a weekend as I did. God Bless!

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