Thursday, July 22, 2010

Out West, and Moses!

I finally got around to showing you some of our out west pictures! Some of you might not of known that I was going out west...okay all of you didn't know! The kitten is doing great and he likes our cat Zeke...but Zeke doesn't care for the kitten. We are still giving Moses some chances! Yes Moses!  Yesterday they were actually playing together! Well anyways I wasn't posting about kittens, I was going to tell you about my trip! We had lots of fun and I met some cousins I never met before! I love you Bella!!!!!!!

Broncs! Super Cool! Oh yeah...we went to a rodeo!

Barrel racing.

Bull riding....

2 seconds later!

Me by the bison! It was so cute because there
 was little babies all over, they were so cute!

Grandpa with all the kiddos! Lindsay, Toby, Grandpa,
 Luther, Leah, Sophia, Hannah, me, Ezra, and Ella! That was going right to left BTW!

Mount Rushmore in the Night time!

My family in front of Mout Rushmore

Me and baby Luther

Me and my buddy Bella Blue!

The mountains there were so breath taking!
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of my trip! Have fun!


Alexandra said...

Looks like you had fun! Mount Rushmore looks so cool :).

(Would you mind following my blog, please? I'm following yours ^^)

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had a blast out west!!! You all came back with a tan and cute haircuts!!! Love you!!
~Rachel Feder

Callie said...

Yeah we did have fun there! Yeah I we did get new harcuts!

Callie said...

Will do!