Friday, July 30, 2010

Followers Contest

If anyone wants more information about this please go to this blog. Thanks you! but make sure when you comment that you mention my name just say "I'm from Callie's blog". Thank you...again!

1. Being a follower(although it says you must be some people may not do that)- 1 pt.

2. Having been a follower before this contest started- 1 bonus pt.

3. Making a post on your blog about this contest-using the picture I have provided above- 1 pt.

4. Every follower you recruit-that comments on the site saying you got them here-will get you 2 points.

But YOU have to comment on the site saying what you did because I should not.

O yea! The prize! You didn't think I'd leave that out now did you? The prize for the winner with the most points is:

A $20 gift card for your choice of either:: Target, iTunes, Michael's Craft Store, Amazon, or Borders! So much to choose from. So start clicking! I won't give away the prize until I get at least 80 followers. Sorry if I'm acting fussy, but I believe in 2 months we can accomplish this! Contest deadline is September 29!


Anonymous said...

Have you made a vlog yet? I like watching vlogs!

Callie said...
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