Monday, July 12, 2010

The Beautiful Flower Field

I know I already have to many pictures with this dress, but it looks so good in pictures! This time were in front of our house in this BIG flower field! The picture at the end is  with me and my photographer, my sis Leah! If some of you were wondering why I haven't posted anything in so long, its because I've been on vacation... Big Sky Montana! We had a Family Reunion. I will post some pictures of that too tomorrow, or at least sometime soon! Hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend/summer! The second to last one was edited to make it look like a drawing!


Drummer Girl said...

They're so beautiful:)
<3 Josey

Callie said...

Thanks Josey! I love them too! I'm stil amazed at how big the field was! LOL <3

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...those pictures look like they were professionally done!! Those are "wall-hangers" for sure!!! You look so pretty in them, Callie!
~Rachel F.

Callie said...

Thanks rachel! Leah is reall ygood at taking pictures so you will be amaxed almost everytime! i am currently trying to get a camera thats good but am having no luck! Tell me if you know anyone with a camera thats less than 60$