Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter...and a perfect cup of cocoa

Hey everyone, it's winter here! We have about six inches of snow on the ground. I am so excited to be able to play in the snow again! First of all....I would like to congratulate Carlotta for winning the photo challenge. You did an awesome job, I have to say so myself. Second of all, I think I'm gonna do a contest. How does that sound with you? I've been making these really awesome bracelets, but you'll have to find out what they look like once I am final about a contest. I would probably do it after Christmas that way I won't feel pressured to post anything.  Third of all, I believe that if someone didn't create hot chocolate than all of us would be dead...especially me. Today I was drinking the perfect cup of homemade peppermint hot chocolate with frothy was super good. Some of the small things in life can make such a big difference, like this morning I saw the most beautiful sun-rise I have ever seen. It wasn't the kind with a bunch of red clouds or purple sky, it was just a giant florescent orange ball. I was standing in awe for a few minutes just starring at it. It reminded me of how God is so good and gracious to everyone. Can you believe that he made the sun look like that? Here is a picture of that awesome hot chocolate I was just talking about. Merry Christmas!

   It truly was a perfect cup of cocoa
Please comment telling me what you think about the contest!


Drummer Girl said...

Hi callie,
I love that mug! It is Awesome, I love the little snowmen.
I think you should do the contest, that would be really cool:)

<3 Josey c.

Moriah said...

That is a awesome mug!
I ♥ your blog!

Callie said...

Thanks everyone! I really love that mug too!

Sarah said...

I have that mug!! haha! i love it to :)