Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random :P

Hey Everyone! I haven't been on my blog in a long time so I am SO sorry! I'm sure you can all relate to the Christmas season being the busiest of all. Well I think it's safe to say that it was the busiest year for us. We did so many things. It was very fun, but after a while I got pretty tired. It began Thurs. when we went o the movie theater with our family friend Trevor! He is super fun and we will miss him when he has to go back to train to be in the air force. After Thursday, we just ended up going to bed at 12:00 for the next 4 days! Now finally, I have some time to write on my blog. Do you ever have it were you start a post and then go off to help someone and come back and the tab you minimized is gone? Well, that happens to me almost every time I start a post! Sorry, That was a little random well, anyways here are a few pictures.......

~These three Pictures are all edited by my cousin Ella~

Ella is SO pretty

I absolutely love this picture

Wintry Peppermints


Guess what? I got my camera!!!! I am so excited to use it!
Merry Christmas (Late)


Drummer Girl said...

Hey Callie,
those pictures are totally A-mazing.
I really love those dresses, they are Soo

<>< your sister in christ Josey

Callie said...

Thnxs! Those are actually my moms wedding dresses (bridemaids dresses). She wore them in my Aunt's wedding's!

Louis said...

Callie the mints are so cool.