Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Trees and Ornaments.

Usually we go up north to a cabin my Grandpa owns, and pick a tree out there. But this time, since it got to snowy to fast we didn't have time. So instead I got to enjoy my first time Christmas tree shopping!

Since the trees Up North (were we usually go Christmas tree shopping) are not grown to be perfect trees, we were surprised at how well this one stood up. Usually our tree is always falling down...actually, I don't think there's ever been a time were it hasn't :( Here is a adventure story of how last years tree turned out......

 Lindsay, Callie, and mom were hanging up Christmas Ornaments. Mom was up on the rafters with a ladder, and Callie was hanging up ornaments on one side while Lindsay handed them to her. 

Mom: "Doesn't the tree look beautiful?"

Callie: "Mmmhmm Lindsay could you hand me that ornament?" 

Lindsay: Sure, which one?"

 Callie: "Either one, I don't care."

Lindsay: "Here you go."

Right as Callie started to reach up to put the ornament on the tree she realized the tree was moving. She said....

Callie: "Hey mom, I think the tree is falling?"

Mom: "What do you mean........ (the tree starts tilting right towards Callie)........It's not falling."


Mom: "Ahhhh, it's falling...were's dad? Mark?!?!?!

Mom clasped the tree by the very tip and tried to hold on as tight as she could. She started to yell for dad!

Mom: "MARK......MARK......MARK HURRY..........

Callie & Lindsay: "DAD....DAD....HURRY..THE TREE, IT....IT....IS FALLING....

Hannah, Dad, and Sophia were down stairs I jumped off the ladder and mom was just about to fall when dad came up and ran to the rescue!!!! It took us three hours to set the tree up just right after that. Thankfully it never fell when all the ornaments were on, and only a few ornaments were damaged. We were so thankful when it was finally all over.

This our tree this year how does it look? It was actually a pretty easy tree to put the lights on. The only problem was getting all the ornaments on. The ornaments were a little to heavy for that.  I think this might be my favorite Christmas tree we've ever had.

How was my story? Did you like it? Should I become a writer? I wonder how far I'd get? Joking!!!!!!  Don't forget to comment about my contest!

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