Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moses....He is just plain wierd!

Hey Everybody! Today we got snowed in. We got at least 4in. of snow! Can you believe it? I would like to post about my sweet kitten Moses. Moses is a really loving cat....a little to loving sometimes. For some reason he always wants to be around us. He is constantly looking in our window and pawing at the door (now tell me, isn't that only a dog thing? Just a few minutes ago he was looking in at us from the window, the only difference was that it is freezing cold and snowing like nuts. He still wanted to just look at us though. After a while he decided to go under the tarp on our back porch. He is still there...I think. He is still so goofy, and sometimes a little stupid. But my whole family just fell in love with him.

Lindsay says: "Either he's really, really devoted to us....or he's dumb, or both".
She can be very silly sometimes! I love her too, way more than I love Moses!

  ~He is truly the cutest/sweetest/funniest cat~


Anonymous said...

Wow! are cat used to claw to the screen door when she wanted to come in!

Callie said...

It's a way, but also a little annoying. And it also makes you feel bad for him to. What's your name by the way.

Drummer Girl said...

That's so cute, My family used to have a siemise (I think that's how it's spelt) and he was like my sisters baby, he would always listen, and be around her, it was cute:)

<3 Josey

P.S. Moses has grown alot since you last posted a pic of him:)

Callie said...