Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CANADA part 2

 Finally I have gotten the time to post CANADA part 2! This part is about the moss forest. Moss Forest is referring to this.....

I have waaaaaaaay too many pictures of this forest so I am gonna
have to show you a few out of the 500! Joking! But you have to agree
with me, how can you not take 500 pictures of THIS....

Hannah looks SO pretty in this picture. I love the was you can
just see her body sinking into the moss. A few of us girls were saying
"if we ever were stranded on this island, I would have no problem
sleeping here." It was totally true! Now I just have a few more pictures
I HAVE to show you.

Me and my wonderful sisters, Hannah, and Lindsay

There was this very interesting tree (as you can see) that had fallen,
and all its roots had made a very interesting cave underneath. The
only one brave enough to go under so I could take a picture of it, was
Rachel. A really good church friend. Everyone else was afraid of spiders.

And last but not least, A good old christian cross! Some of you might
not be able to see it, but I did, and thought it was pure perfection.
My last section will be the best. Silhouettes! My favorite section. It will
be a pretty long one too!


Emma M. said...

My goodness Callie!!! You are just one beautiful, amazing girl!!! And i also love the pictures! I miss you so much!!! I read every blog and am so excited to hear more from you!!!!! <3


Callie said...

Thanks Emma!
Io read everyone of your posts too. It's so cute. I miss you too. Noxt time I'll have to go to 1 curch 1 God to see you! Love you.