Monday, September 13, 2010

23 couisns and still GOING!

Awhile ago my whole entire family was here...aunts, uncles, and cousins! We decided it would be good to take a new updated picture of everyone together. I would tell you everyone names but there is just waaaaaaaaaaaay too many! It took us a while to get a good picture with SO many people, but eventually we got a good one. Anyways, this is my family on my dad's side....

Well, this is awesome, cool, christian, friendly family and never crazy....
Actually, this is how we normally look...can you imagine!!!!

21 cousins and 2 on the way!!!!! All together our family makes 35 people.
(counting Samuel who is safe in heaven)


Sara said...

Thanks for including my precious little guy in that count... that warms my heart! Miss you all!
Aunt Sara

Callie said...

He will always still be part of the Neumanns! Miss you all too! say "Hi" to everyone for me! Love you!