Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happiness Is

Once again it is time for Happiness is.
I can't believe that my post was a whole entire week ago. We officially got all of our books so things are just going crazy. Not to mention that our house is under complete construction...There are people who are currently working on shingles and a new porch. I'm sure you can imagine the noise! Luckily the worst is over....I think.

I think I'm getting way off subject. This is "Happiness Is", not 'Unhappines Is".

Happiness Is....

The cutest baby tree frog in the world!!!!

Home-made pancakes, with strawberries raspberries and syrup.

In this's eye liner! You can do oh soooo many things with it.
And last but not least....teaching your Sibling something new!!!!

1 comment:

Drummer Girl said...

I love tree frogs!!
They're SOO cute:)
<3 Josey