Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CANADA part 1

 I haven't posted anything in a long time because my dad and 2 of my sisters and I were on a father/daughter fishing trip. We had tons of fun and everyone was safe. Surprisingly we caught a lot of fish. The first day I caught 10 fish in about an hour, but most were too small to keep. The last day, I caught a fish so big it broke my line :( I'm still upset about that. The trip was a week long so I'm posting in sections.

This section is all about having shore lunch. Maybe you didn't know that you have to catch your own fish for shore lunch. We ended up having plenty of fish for everyone to eat...actually we had too much fish, so we had to give some to the seagulls. Potatoes, onions, and cookies were tasty additions.
                                                     #1- fillet the fish.

#2- wash the fillets

#3-cut the fish to to a good size.

Finally your hard work pays off! :)

And the potatoes are done too.

Everyone was STUFFED!

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Louis said...

Yum looks good.Love you guys