Friday, April 1, 2011 that's a wierd words!

Miscellaneous wow what a weird word? Who ever came up with that words? Bafflegab, and Multiloquence? What does that mean? Tonight I am going to a masquerade ball at elmbrook church! I'm am SO excited. Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures and not get to busy dancing the night away. My mask is absolutely positively wonderful! It's shaped like a butterfly. I am also really excited because I'll get to see some of my long lost friends! To tell you the truth, I don't think I've ever been to a dance. Now I promised myself I wouldn't write anything but it is just so tempting. Once I get a thought it will just naturally go from my my my my finger nails, which are now painted a lovely the the computer! Wow, that was a lot of dots.........

Girl Scout Cookies if you haven't tried them, try them!
Nerds in a bottle

7'am in the morning riding Creampuff

an old horse shoe

Creampuff and Jaksen

My cake! I'm so proud of myself!

a lamp in our bedroom

a Shell



Drummer Girl said...

Cool, I know someone else who went to the ball too.

<>< Josey

Leah said...

Great shots! Miss you!

Callie said...

The ball was awesome! miss you too Leah!

Sarah said...

I love caramel delights girl scout cookies. Whoa, i was at the Masquerade also, it was marvelous!

Callie said...

ohh! cool!

Anonymous said...

wasn't the masqurade so awesome? we are so great at swing dancing? you acted so free when we danced! love you so much!