Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday...the true meaning

Might I just say to you all, HAPPY EASTER! This Easter weekend for me has been great! I have gotten to take my first communion on good Friday! I don't know if any of you follow Carlotta's blog, but today she has truly filled me up with the true meanings of Easter. You never really realize how important or how sad that story really it. One thing that strikes me crazy about Easter is that when we pray, we are talking to the same God that had to go through all that suffering for us. I also realized a few minutes ago while reading Carlotta's blog, that the cross is really so much more that just a sign of us being Christ followers. It means so much more if you get what I mean? Some of these things are hard to type out so I won't type them out for your sake. I just thought that was kind of an important thing to realize. Hope that you feel as I did while reading that wonderful post!

Here are just a few out of the many thing I got in a Easter basket from the Bunny!

Please welcome the newest member of the family....Maggie Mae!
She is truly the nicest cutest most softest guinea pig in the world!

Picnics are the perfect things to do when the day is just right!

 I love this pic.


Leah said...

OH man. When Mom's not home we acquire pets! Ha!Ha!

Ella said...

nice post Callie :) Very cute!