Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~On Cloud Nine~

Lately I have been using a lot of the "~" sign.  It is such a perfect sign when you want your post to be perfect or even a little pretty!  As you see I have used it on the title of my post.  I use it on a lot of other things: writing assignments, titles, and before and after sombody's name.  Okay, I am talking way too much about such a little thing!

 As most of you know, recently we have gotten about 20 inches of snow in some areas!  It is exciting, but I am a little sick of the winter.  Although winter only comes once a year, it still gets a little dull when all you see outside is dead trees and white fluffy stuff.

 I am happy that Wisconsin's seasons are all different though.   Let me give you some examples.  Florida: it's usually always warm there and rarely any snow.  Mexico: never snowing and always warm.  The North Pole: I don't even need to mention that one.  There I go again, talking about a little thing that hardly matters to you or me!  I guess that's just the way I am, a little talkative at times.  We all have a little bit of that....I think.

The real reason why I posted was to enter in Carlotta's blog hop...On Cloud Nine. You have to write about things that made you happy this week. What made ME happy this week...actually last week (does that count?) was the Packers! GO PACK GOOOOOOOOOO! Philadelphia going doooooooooooooown....hopefully! That's just sad, I don't have faith in my own team :( Well anyways, I got to meet three Packers and actually shake their hands! Here's the pic.

Right to left: Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, and Charley Pepra! We also saw: Greg Jennings, AJ Hawk, and Tremon Williams. It was really cool. Right before the Packers/Bears game, we were in Chicago and met them at the hotel they were staying at. It was super cool!

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Hi! I just found your blog through Pastor's Girl's Ponderings, and it's so cool! I love photography, so you gave me some neat ideas :)

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