Friday, February 11, 2011 beautiful sister

This is my beautiful sister, Hannah!  She gets prettier and prettier everyday.  Whenever I see her I look at her and think...."Wow! My sister is really attractive."

 I've also been noticing the same thing with my cousin, Ella.  She has beautiful long hair, and pretty brown eyes, and she gets prettier and prettier everyday too.  I love both of them SO much!

Just a little side note, this picture was only edited with one thing.  ( eye bright) Well folks, that's all for now! Love you...why did I just say that?


Sara said...

I have always thought that Hannah looked like Mark... but in this picture she totally looks more like your mom:) Miss you all!
Aunt sara

Drummer Girl said...

Beautiful, nice pic:)

<3 Josey

Callie said...

Yeah, me too! I alwasy thought that she looked like my dad too. But everday she gets to look way more like mom!

Richard said...

This is such a pretty picture!

Gracie said...

Awwww Callie that is so nice of you! You keep getting prettier and prettier too! I love you tons! :D And this picture of Hannah is gorgeous!