Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life is.....Good

These pictures I took with my new camera I got for Christmas. I am absolutely loving the way they are turning out and how clear they are too. It was extremely cold today....infact, it was even to cold to go outside : ] Just to let you know my cousin Grace blog just started a blog and I'm sure she would love it if you would follow it!. She is the coolest, brightest, nicest, funniest, sweetest cousins ever! She would love if you could follow her blog and get to know the life a "wanna be dancer!" Merci - Thanks you - French

~These are two pictures I took of the top of my jewelry box~

And this is my adorable little sister cute for words

This is my baby cousin Elias....what a chub, but a cute chub!

This is us at a sledding hill. I just love the matching hats!!!
Speaking of sledding, this video is of Lindsay going down the hill. What do you say? A funniest home video one? I think I'm actually going to enter it! To funny not too! LOL

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Louis said...

I love the first one.