Saturday, June 12, 2010

The RV!

I wanted to show you guys something very hysterical! Yesterday it was my mom s birthday so we went down town to see the blue angles...they were amazing of course, but this is the funny part........we used are RV and when the show started we all sat on top of it along with my grandparents! A lot of people told us it was a great idea! it was SO funny! Afterwards we went to a restaurant called Buca's! it was really good, and guess what? My mom got a free ice cream because it was her birthday!
It was a awesome beginning to our weekend!

Well, thats all folks! We look pretty silly huh?


Iris said...

I like your blog but I think you should make it to wear we can read it w/ highlighting it. :)

Drummer Girl said...

That's SO great!!
YAY for free icecream!!!
hehe Josey

Callie said...

Yeah Sorry Iris!
For some wild reason my backround went away! Hows it now?

Callie said...

I know! Isn't it just funny! I know Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Iris said...

it's really cute! I finally found your blog again! sorry!

Callie said...

Thxs! Thats okay, no biggy