Monday, June 13, 2011

Lot's of Randomness

With the beginning of summer comes activities, and with activities comes busyness, and with busyness come no time post on your blog, and with no time to post on your blog, comes unhappy followers! WOW was that a long sentence or what?  Sorry y'all it's been so long, but like I said with the beginning of summer comes busyness. We are the kind of family who likes to sit around and hang out during the summer, we still do lots of activities, but it's not like we're always busy and were always doing something. So when the beginning of summer comes around the corner when the last flower blooms, it's turns into a whole different world.

Lately I've been into baking. I just made some fudge today, and let me tell you...*jump* *freak out* *falling out of my chair* little sister, and my cousin Grace just banged on the window really hard asking me if I wanted to play. There just went 10 years of my life folks! Next post I'm going to do a special post for my friend Hannah! Y'all should enjoy it!

I was recently in Joplin, Misourri, helping out with tornado relief. Seeing all of the houses completely flat, and rubish everywere made me eternally freaked out of tornado's.  Even though it was really scary, it was also sad. People there are left without anything. We went down there 2 weekends in a row because we enjoyed helping so much! Even though your working, you actually enjoy yourself. There is always free food, nice showers, really freindly people, and lots more! They need tons of help down there and all ages will have something to do! I would highly recommend it to you all. You will really learn a lot! Here is just a few pics of the disaster..........

I didn't have time to upload any of the pictures we took, so these ones are taken by my cousin Louis, who helped us clean up there.

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