Friday, May 20, 2011

What a beautiful day!

Today, God blessed me in so many ways.  He gave me this beautiful day to begin my morning with, and the wonderful...guinea pig on my lap? Yes, right now Sophia just dropped her guinea pig on my lap and said here you go! Okay then. We are hoping to breed her (the guinea pig) some time soon!  She is much bigger since the last time I showed you pictures. I wish you could all see her and hold her, cause she is just so cute!

 Now who here has been watching American idol this season? We have, and my sisters are obsessed with Scotty McCreery...the Christian country singer! they voted for him 33 times last night! Yes would you call that obsessed? I would definitely call that obsessed.

How do you all like the new background? I love it SO much. Thank you Carlotta, you rock girly!

 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend...oh wait, it is the weekend. This week went fast! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This is a picture of the butterfly we hatched last year

This is a picture of the one of the 8 ducks we hatched last year.
You might wwant to say....we hatch a lot of things!


Eliza said...

What a cute little duck. :)

Laura said...

We actually had a baby duck one time too. He ran into our garage after getting chased by our cat. ;) Cute pictures!

Callie said...

that is so funny! Did he let you hold him?