Friday, March 18, 2011


Looking at this picture I can't help but to think of summer! Those of you who live in a always warm state don't ever have to deal with that! Even though almost all the snow by our house is gone it still is cold some days. Wednesday, only being 40 degrees, me and Sophia had a hose fight while doing creampuff, the ponies tank! Some of you might thing WOW, only 40 degrees and your already spraying each other with water?!?! Well folks, that just how the Wisconsinites roll! We'll wear sweats out side and no coats until the all the ground is covered with snow and and wear shorts and T-shirts once the first patch of grass is seen! When I think of summer I think of good things, and bad things for example, running down the driveway barefoot and stepping on a bush of sand burs and having seven of them on the bottom of my foot ;( There are way to many good memories to tell them all so here's just a few.....eating Popsicles and the cousins house, jumping on the trampoline, playing kickball in the beating sun, giving baths to the horses, spending as much time doing nothing as you want, smoothies, rip-sticking, track,and playing with friends any time, and any day of the week, and many more!!!!!! What memories does the word summer bring back for you?


Sarge said...

40 degrees and having water fights?! Yesterday it was 85! Well, we live in Oklahoma so I guess you can not really compare.

Leah said...

That's a cute hat!